The fourth pandemic wave

20. January 2022

Our company, with its two plants in Upper Bavaria, is also in the middle of the fourth pandemic wave. As was the case nearly two years ago, our main objectives are to protect our staff and to ensure uninterrupted supplies to our customers. In our industrial plants, where most of the staff cannot work 100% at home or at the computer, we have had to enforce numerous measures – and have survived the pandemic well to date.

Work processes are ruled by guidelines continually adapted to the ever-changing situation and legislation; the requirement of proof of full vaccination or recovery from Covid or a negative test as well as compulsory testing and wearing of masks, responsible distancing, working in separate offices and/or teleworking – all these reduce the danger of infection. Our firm provides masks and tests, and vaccination opportunities for our staff and their families are organised regularly – with the company doctor responsible also available on the phone in advance to answer any queries.

These measures have ensured that our staff’s vaccination coverage has more or less reached the current national average in Germany – which is still not sufficient to achieve herd immunity. Given the tight situation in Bavarian intensive care units and the overall economic and social consequences of even more extensive and longer lockdowns, vaccination is now an act of solidarity. It is only together that we can succeed in avoiding recurring pandemic waves.

These are the aspects – coupled with offering further opportunities for vaccination and the provision of informative material – to which a recently founded citizens’ initiative in Penzberg wishes to draw attention. Visit the link for further information.

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