Manufacturing technology

Our range covers the entire spectrum of high-precision shaft manufacture, with the processing stages representing a high added value for us and our customers.

The manufacture of camshafts is a complicated procedure involving many different processes requiring our specialised know how:

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in our highly modern cutting plant – also undertaking contract processing

Cutting to length and centering
on vertical machining centers and double-sided cropping machines

from 3 to 9 axes

of complex geometrical structures and cam shapes

Internal/external gearing

Deep-hole drilling
to save on weight or as an oil duct for lubrication

modern induction tempering in our own tempering shops and, in cooperation with our long-term partners:

  • plasma nitriding
  • gas nitriding
  • salt bath nitriding
  • austempering
  • plasma-vacuum-tempering
  • case hardening

Cylindrical/lobe grinding
all profiles and contours including interior radii Band finishing

Band finishing
up to a roughness of Ra 0.05 in serial production


tactile and optical methods of measurement, non-destructive testing, e.g. Stresstech methods, ultrasonic testing, material testing


– of add-on components, e.g. trigger wheels – in-house for shafts of up to 3 m (by central screw, flange screw or   thermal joining)