Quality – Sustainability

Quality means more than just a good product!

For us, quality means far more than just manufacturing a product according to customer specifications. Our main aim is overall customer satisfaction.

This is realised by means of tight constructive project management in which our customers and suppliers are involved at an early stage as well as by the utilization of state-of-the-art production technology, measuring machines and testing devices. The targeted deployment of tactile and optical methods of measurement ensures the µm-range quality required by our customers.

Our closed loop processes are transparent and verifiably documented in our integrated management system, ensuring smooth operation in our daily work. The management systems 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 50001:2018 are implemented throughout the firm, at both plants, and encompass the entire manufacture of our products, taking identified internal and external factors into account as well as the defined expectations of the relevant stakeholders.

Our constant endeavour to improve and our innovative production processes place us in a position to fulfil the increasing demands of our customers. We have therefore begun to digitalize the entire process chain from 3D modeling to programming through to manufacturing. This has resulted in a smooth, reliable flow from the planning stage to production. This ensures that our customer receives the product ordered to meet the required quality standards at the required time – and that any alterations can be coordinated and quickly implemented.

For us sustainability means passing on an intact environment!

The sparing use of resources is self-evident for us. To achieve our targets of sustainability it is essential to always keep track of our environmental and energy record. We regard continual monitoring of the direct and indirect environmental factors as standard. We use the data and information gathered as the basis for our improvement programmes which help us to optimize our environmental and energy footprint.

To spread our philosophy beyond the bounds of our company, we are active in the ÖKOPROFIT Club (combining eco and profit) working closely with other businesses to meet our energy-saving targets and to achieve environmental sustainability.

It is our daily challenge to meet both political and social expectations. To do so, all our staff have pledged themselves to work proactively in supporting the company in assuming a pioneering role in this field.