Human Resources Development

Sustainable HR policy thanks to consistent staff development

Human resources development takes different situations in life into consideration as well as professional expectations and career requirements. It supports a responsible handling of expertise and the transfer of knowledge. Human resources development is not an end in itself but serves to support team building, therefore contributing to a permanent improvement in the working environment, corporate culture and the promotion of innovation.

We support and challenge our employees. We are continuously engaged in the development of our employees through targeted further training, our in-house support programme for management (SFP) and other individual projects. The central instrument here is our annual appraisal of employees.

We are involved in regional further training programmes and a member of the advisory council of the ‘For.Bild’ educational research body of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Munich and Upper Bavaria. Our activities on their advisory board support practical in-service training projects under the heading ‘Qualification programmes to secure skilled specialists’ to meet the regional needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Bavaria. For further reading: Download brochure.

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Melanie Kötter
Manager Human Resources