Increased quality checks using our new long-parts measuring cell

1. February 2024

The relocation of our measuring facilities from Munich to Penzberg has enabled the installation of a new, additional measuring cell in our production unit A, where primarily long shafts are monitored and measured. The generous space here offers enough room for waiting wagons containing the shafts due to be checked as well as for various measuring stations to meet all customer specifications with their shape and length tolerances, such as

  • a Marshaft length measuring station
  • a Hommel contour measuring machine for the vertical optical measurement of lengths and diameters
  • a Surfcom surface texture measuring instrument to ascertain contour and roughness parameters
  • a Schleicher cam measuring machine, which we constructed specially for our applications.

The unit has air-conditioning ensuring a constant reference temperature during measuring as well as a crane for lifting and placing the shafts. Two or three of our measuring staff can work here, and the space is also used – in addition to our central fine measurement facility – by skilled manufacturing staff for interim measuring near the production shop. Together with smaller measuring stations and individual measuring machines elsewhere, we hereby ensure the continuous monitoring of quality near the manufacturing shop even during the production process.

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