Jointing must also be learnt!

27. November 2023

During the manufacturing process, some parts, e.g. trigger or gear wheels, and cams have to be jointed, and Schleicher Fahrzeugteile has now set up a new jointing section for this purpose. This workspace has been integrated into the new assembly and dispatch section in accordance with the workflow.

The new section comprises a furnace in which the gear wheels to be jointed can be heated, for example, to expand the boring and hence reduce the force of jointing.  The parts are then placed in the jointing system where the clamped cam is to be jointed to the gear by applying precisely defined pressure. After cooling, the gear is firmly fixed on the cam.

The challenge here is to ensure, as far as possible, error-free jointing phases and to exactly fulfil the customer’s requirements by correct positioning for assembly as this is essential for the subsequent smooth operation of the motor. Our apparatus for clamping the cams and gears is such that incorrect positioning is impossible – an expedient application of the Japanese principle of ‘poka-yoke’! To realise this, the systems are individually constructed and built at our plant specifically for certain customers or products; this guarantees reliable fulfilment of special customer wishes.

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