Two new loading gantries for our state-of-the-art grinding machines

26. February 2024

At our plant we have installed two new Promot loading gantries equipped with a cycle belt which feeds parts and camshafts into both of the new EMAG high-performance grinding machines we bought in summer.

The loaders can transport shafts with part lengths of up to 1,150 mm, weighing 40 kg maximum and with a diameter up to 80 mm, feed them into the machines from above via a loading hatch and change parts quickly.

This investment puts an end to feeding heavy parts individually by hand and enables greater process reliability when placing the shaft due to flying measurement, hence avoiding major damage to the grinding machines. The size of the magazine of the loading gantry permits our staff to let this machine run independently for a while and devote their attention to other machines. This is a further step towards modernising our production, ensuring higher process reliability and therefore improved quality for our customers!

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