2023 Works Meeting

8. March 2023

After a four-year interruption, our staff was once more able to attend a ‘live’ meeting in the Stadthalle Penzberg at the invitation of the Workers’ Council. Numerous employees took the advantage of the opportunity to gain information, meet again face-to-face and exchange ideas with their colleagues.

Thomas Leiott, the Shop Chairman, opened the meeting with a presentation on the period that had elapsed since the last election of a Workers’ Council, including information on the number of employees and the state of the auxiliary fund (which offers social benefits to support employees). He also reviewed the positive action taken and developments over the past year, sketched the tasks facing the council in the future and constructively addressed the issues preoccupying our staff. After a break, he handed over to the Managing Director, Stefan Schleicher, who reported on the merger of our plants in Penzberg, the company’s objectives and on coming investment plans. He expressly thanked the staff for their forbearance in the transfer period and during the reorganisation of both plants, which he compared to a marathon, but with the assurance that the finishing line will be reached by the middle of this year. Finally, as always, there was the opportunity for everyone to ask the Workers’ Council and the management direct questions or to provide them with feedback.

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