Company Open Day

28. March 2023

Pupils from local schools were given their own freshly milled fish at Schleicher Fahrzeugteile on Company Open Day in Penzberg. This event – a project resulting from cooperation between municipal business development and the job fair Neuorientierung0812 – enabled three coaches full of interested teenagers and their teachers to visit our plant for an hour and gain insight into the industrial production of our camshafts as well as into our job profiles and trainee programme. We were delighted to welcome these visitors and produced a fish-shaped bottle-opener in stainless steel for each of them on our 3-axis Hermle milling machine in the trainee section.

In the afternoon we opened our gates for parents, job hunters and other local interested parties…a successful event – and a simple way of getting to know regional businesses as well as the staff and their job profiles!

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