Road safety training

13. July 2023

Despite some inclement weather conditions, our road safety training on bicycles and pedelecs proved fun for all participating staff members, as well as providing various ‘Aha!’ moments with respect to cycling techniques and safety. The training sessions were held by two experts from the German Cycling Club (the adfc Weilheim and Munich branches) in cooperation with, and following the guidelines of, the Trade Association for Wood and Metal (BGHM). They kicked off with a quiz on the latest regulations in the German Road Traffic Act relating to tricky situations involving cyclists. This was followed by a check-up on cycling equipment and settings as well as a training session for correct braking and starting off. After lunch, the cyclists practised essential skills such as balancing and negotiating bends. We plan to organise similar training sessions regularly in the future.

Klick here for more information on the work of the German Cycling Club (adfc )and of the Trade Association for Wood and Metal (BGHM).

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