Sure to have more fun driving!

14. November 2022

Yet again a Schleicher team of 12 was given the chance to train their skills in safe driving at the German Automobile Association (ADAC) centre in line with the recommendations by the Trade Association for Wood and Metal (BGHM).

The participants drove their own cars on four test tracks at the Security Centre in Augsburg and were thoroughly tested – and given practice – in emergency braking on a skid-resistant as well as on wet road surfaces, in braking distances at various speeds, and in slalom driving in reverse. Obstacles – fortunately water obstacles! – also appeared suddenly and had to be avoided. This was a good opportunity to get to know how your car reacts, to experience how the driver assistance systems work, and to observe what happens in the other models. An ADAC trainer accompanied the group for a whole day: he was in radio contact with the drivers throughout the tests and was able to give valuable tips. At the end of the day, the participants were issued with a certificate which in the case of some motor insurers can mean a reduction in premium. This diverting session offering a lot of variety was enhanced by the all-day catering – from breakfast to our final coffee break.

This event has definitely improved the expertise of every team member and will help to improve driving safety on the way to work and on leisure trips – which is why we will continue to offer such opportunities in the future.

Click here for information on ADAC safe driving.

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