WE’RE taking the driving seat!

27. September 2021

Our relocation to Penzberg, south of Munich, has meant much more driving on the A95 motorway for those members of our staff who are needed at both plants. It is for these employees that Schleicher Fahrzeugteile organised driving safety training in September at the German Automobile Club ADAC as recommended by our trade association BGHM. A pilot group of 12 did the training one Monday at the ADAC practice course in Augsburg.

This training is supervised by an expert and serves to avoid the classical hazards and causes of error in daily traffic. The programme includes driving in zigzag, emergency braking on skid-resistant and wet roads as well as on sliding surfaces, driving on roundabouts, dodging obstacles and experiencing the reaction of vehicles; this permits the participants risk-free experience of driving at the limit. Armed with these techniques, the driver can retain control of the car even in critical situations. “It is really exciting to see how a car reacts at different speeds and how fine the line is between control and loss of control of the vehicle…” one of the impressed participants reported. Naturally, there was a pit stop for lunch which contributed to the positive atmosphere!

Due to the success here, Schleicher Fahrzeugteile will be offering this training to all the staff at regular intervals in the future.

Visit www.sicherheitstraining.net for further information.

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