Restructuring monitoring, assembly and dispatch

15. May 2023

Merging our two plants has presented our monitoring, assembly and dispatch section with some challenges: we need four times the space for our final inspection, dispatch (i.e. packaging, finished parts storage and loading) has to cope with double the turnover, and the variety of products as well as the space required for what we call partial quantities will increase considerably. We have therefore spent 6 weeks restructuring our shipping department: three modern, redesigned packing stations have been set up as well as generous working space provided for final inspection and greater ground floor sections for large and small part assembly (see photo): after all, camshafts up to a length of three metres have to be monitored, assembled and dispatched here in one workflow. A large wooden gallery enables the fixing of cranes for handling the larger cams and above this there is plenty of storage space. Our restructuring represents a further step towards greater efficiency in the production workflow at our new plant!

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