Modernisation and more relocation

16. August 2022

he first six months of 2022 at Schleicher Fahrzeugteile have seen further investments in our machine park: in spring we purchased two HELLER H 2000 horizontal 4-axis machining centres which serve to extend our finishing capacity and contribute towards greater standardisation in production. Combined with the two HELLER H 4000 machining centres added in autumn, processes can be stabilised and efficiency increased – from programming via capacity planning and finishing through to operation as well as the repair and spare parts service.

Also new in Penzberg are two Boehringer NG200 CNC Y-axis lathes, which will improve our capacity; the run-up with camshafts is planned for September.

An INDEX B 400 universal turning machine has just arrived from the factory: we have completed the planning and installation phases and are now beginning with its integration into our Penzberg plant environment. With its star turret for 12 tools it replaces our older machines in Munich, therefore advancing modernisation as well as the relocation of our machine park to Penzberg.

Our administration departments moved in spring and are settled in their new offices; as in most companies, these departments now allow for greater flexibility – a mixture of teleworking and in-house has been introduced. Our staff appreciate being near production and re-establishing personal contacts – as well as their savings in time and fuel due to digital work at home.

In this way, during the first half of this year relocation has gone hand in hand with modernisation, and there are concrete plans for other departments in the next six months, some already realised, enabling the achievement of our goal: complete relocation by the first quarter of 2023.

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