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We work closely with our clients long before going into production to ensure the most cost-effective technical process for manufacturing a camshaft. This applies to our entire production program.



We manufacture engine camshafts for: motorcycles, automobiles, tractors, trucks, ships, as well as stationary and aggregate engines (for example, power sets). In addition, we manufacture camshafts for injection pumps and common rail systems. Our technical know-how also serves clients requiring racing cams, even for motor sports.

Differential gear shafts


for the engines listed above.

Cam discs and polygon connections


We manufacture non-round parts for packing machines, pumps, compactors and presses.

Material and heat treatment

As part of that, we work with forged materials, bar stock, chilled and temperable special castings. We use the following tempering processes: induction tempering in our own, modern tempering shop, as well as case hardening and tenifer treatment in our partner tempering shops and in our commission tempering shops.

Range of sizes


Our production machines can manufacture parts up to a length of 1500 mm. When longer camshafts are needed we can assemble these with lengths exceeding 3000 mm. Products up to approx. 80 mm stroke and 350 mm diameter are possible. Talk to us about your requirements!

Production part spectrum

Our production part spectrum extends from the prototype to test parts ( min. two units), zero series up to medium and large volume production (ca. 250.000 camshafts per year).

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